Salt Support Kick Start

Salt Support Kick Start

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Add back the clarifiers, buffers, balancers and conditioners removed by water loss.

  • Kick Start is the mid-season or anytime refresher for System Start.
  • Makes your water feel new again
  • Water Clarifier
  • pH Buffer
  • Water Balancer
  • Water Conditioner
  • Will not affect water balance
  • Will not affect your stabilizer levels

Application: Start / Kick Start residual should range between 30-50 ppm. Initial treatment: use 2 pounds per 1000 gallons of pool water. Initial treatment should be added in two doses, with one half the amount being added in each application. Optionally, add Kick Start routinely to maintain perfect water conditions or add mid-season or even use as part of your closing program.

For accuracy, bring a sample of your pool water into our retail showroom for a FREE water analysis to test for the level of START and KICK START